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09/11/2018 News

Total Lindsey Oil Refinery celebrates 50 years of production

  • Total Lindsey Refinery 

    At Total, we always ensure our facilities make a positive, longstanding mark on the local communities that surround and rely on them and nowhere is this commitment truer than at Total Lindsey Oil Refinery in North Lincolnshire, UK.


    Currently celebrating its 50th year of production, Total’s forefront UK refinery has a long history and beneficial impact, alongside a clear vision for the future.


    History of the Total Lindsey Oil Refinery 


    In 1963, Total Oil (UK) wished to expand into the UK market. With healthy land and sea transport links to northern England and the continent, plus a large, local labour force and suitable land, Killingholme was an excellent fit, and in 1965 construction began on the 1,800-acre plot of land that would become Lindsey Oil Refinery. The task involved moving around two million tons of earth, and in 1968, the refinery officially started production, distilling 3.1 million tonnes of petroleum products every year.


    Expanding rapidly over the coming decade by the 1980s the facility had become increasingly sophisticated, flexible and efficient, and by the late 90s, liquid petroleum gas generation equipment and a combined heat and power plant, bringing energy self-sufficiency, were also online.


    Since 2000, the facility has moved towards centralisation of the control rooms and updating control systems to improve data delivery, as well as improving the capability to produce ultra-low-sulphur fuels for the UK market, becoming a cleaner and more efficient operation.


    The Lindsey Oil Refinery today 


    Today, Lindsey Oil Refinery is one of Europe’s most advanced refineries, processing over 20 different types of crude with an annual production of over seven million tonnes. This includes petrol, diesel, bitumen, fuel oil and aviation fuels which are transported across the UK and abroad by sea, road, rail and pipeline.


    As is the case with all Total’s operations, safety is the main priority at Lindsey Oil Refinery, integrated into every process to ensure everyone goes home safe. Total’s 12 golden rules on safety underpin every process.


    Our commitment to safety is recognised through our Safety Charity recognition scheme, where teams with excellent safety records nominate charities to receive donations from Total.


    What’s more, the refinery works closely with the community, donating over £100,000 to charities since 2015 and working with schools to provide education on STEM subjects  and chemical engineering more generally.


    Protecting the environment around Lindsey Refinery 


    While environmental protection is paramount for any industrial facility, it’s all the more pressing at Lindsey – the refinery is located adjacent to Burkinshaw’s Covert, one of the most significant natural woodlands for birds and invertebrates in North West England. 93 acres in size, the site is home to native species including roe deer, badgers and dragonflies.


    Total’s Lindsey Oil Refinery works in partnership with Humber Nature Partnership, supporting surveys, volunteers and the development of long-term management plans.


    Lindsey’s future focus – five pillars 


    The refinery’s motto and ambition is  ‘WE ARE TLOR, We Go Beyond’. The ambition defines five operational pillars, defined as part of a collaborative process with employees and the leadership team:


    • Safety – No accidents, and to be the safest and healthiest place to work in the region.
    • Availability – To be the most available plant, compared to Total peers.
    • Cost – To spend less on daily costs to invest for the future.
    • People – Ensuring every member of staff and local resident feels part of the Total Lindsey Oil Refinery community.
    • Valorisation – To reduce break-even point and improve the financial balance sheet of the entire business.

    Total LIndsey Oil Refinery continues to invest in our asset and adapt to the changing environment to meet the energy demands of today and the future.

    Across our website, you can find out what working for Total is like, how we operate, protect the community and keep our teams safe.